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Lately I have been working on reflections, refracting light in water and translucent light in landscapes. Trying to capture light in its brilliance or melancholy, as the case may be. Becoming a bit more aware of the mood in a landscape. My florals  have come together a bit more as far as  form, I would like to build on that. A lot can be learned from a simple flower. And have some ideas for portraiture I think I will explore. 


The Society of Canadian Artists -juried in April 2018

The Federation of Canadian Artists -juried in January 2018

​And now a Proud member of FCA Toronto Chapter


The Walldogs -

I am an active member of the Walldogs. The Walldogs are a group of Artists who go from Community to Community painting murals for them. A Town or City applies to us to come to their area and create murals to enhance their economic development. Perhaps they have lost industry or there has been a natural disaster in their community. If the community is chosen between 100 and 350 of us go there and paint between 12 and 24 murals in 4 days. Our organization designs and paints the murals and in exchange they feed and house the artists. I have been across the States, Canada and to Australia with the Walldogs over the last 15 years. 

I have been so fortunate, since Spring  2022

to have my work hang in the

in the East End Industrial Mall,

Walkerton ON

so if you are in the area drop in and have an amazing meal with a lovely drink and check out my work. 

Special thanks to the Scherder Family for giving me that opportunity.   I am so very grateful. 

art exhibitions+awards+publications


"Up the rock ledge, past the dragon and rescue the Princess" juried into and shown in the Active Members Exhibition Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver BC Jan 10-22, 2023


"Serenity" and "Mind your step" juried into the Society of Canadian Artists Open International Exhibition at The Papermill Gallery Toronto ON Aug. 4-27, 2022

“2 red umbrellas and a beautiful fan palm” and “Ripples” juried into and shown at the Federation of Canadian Artists Summer Pleasures Show, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, Etobicoke ON

June 28-Aug 4 2022

“And the call of the Red Winged Blackbird” juried into and shown at the Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Thaw Show March 2022


"Whispers through the cedars, this way home" "Grief" and "Need a lift" shown at the Federation of Canadian Artists Show Up Show- Toronto Sept. 2021

"50 shades of Pink" Shown in the Society of Canadian Artists 53rd Open International Juried Exhibition- July-Sept. 2021

"Brandy's Lane in Winter" and "The waves laughed and danced as they hit the rock shore" shown in the Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Forward Online Exhibition -May 2021

"Reflections" was juried into the Society of Canadian Artists Open Online International juried exhibition- Mar-June 2021

experience con't


"White Orchids on my window sill" shown in Federation of Canadian Artists "Blooms" Show- April 2019

"Down at the Docks" and "I help Grampa" shown in Society of Canadian Artists 2019 International Juried online exhibition​-March 15-June 15 2019


"The Curve of her Wings" shown in the 2018 Federation of Canadian Artists juried show "Wildlife" -May 2018

Honourable Mention- Federation of Canadian Artists juried show "Canvas Unbound" February 2018 -"Pulling the Energy"

1st place and cover-Grey, Bruce Simcoe Counties Art Calendar Show and Sale -summer 2017 for 2018 calender-"Standing in the Surf" 


1st place -BAC Juried Show Walkerton ON April 2017  -"S Bend at Blue Water Lakes"

Family Scatcherd Award- Paint Ontario March 2017 -"Down at the Docks"


2nd place- Distinguished Artist Online Juried show-theme call Horses June 2016

-"Workin' It!" 


Outstanding Artist-
ArtAscent Magazine June 2017 "Copper John" 

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