The colourful print for this dress came from my painting Down at the Docks. For the boating enthusiast, or if you love Bayfield Ontario this dress is for you!

Down at the Docks Bodycon style Dress

SKU: D002

    Made from 72% ecopoly/28%spandex manufactured in Canada

    Vivid print that will never fade after washing

    2 in 1 style! Wear your dress front to back or back to front to change it up.

    Hand Cover-stitched hems

    Fabric treated for moisture wicking to keep you comfortable

    Fabrics are made with EcoPoly,a production process that uses a third less energy and water than typical polyester production processes.


    The worlds of fashion, print, performance fabrics, and versitility collide in our custom printed dresses. Available in bodycon (fitted) style our dresses are printed one at a time on a specialty stretch fine gauge knit fabric featuring 28% spandex. The shear power of this fabric smooths out over curves and hugs your body. The fabric wicks away moisture to help keep you comfy on sultry summer days. Mix it up! Our dresses can be worn front to back or back to front depending on your mood. They're 2 in 1! We promise our prints will look great even after you wash them over and over and our fabrics will always bounce back.