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You can't get rid of me that easy!

Well the last few months have turned me upside down with technology fails. First my email address, then my personal FaceBook page and my Wildwood Studio FaceBook page, then my hard drive on my desktop which ran my large format printer. All within about 3 months. But I am back on the right track, a few more glitches to iron out and I'm good!

What do you think of the new website? Did you notice on the Paintings for Sale page you can like and share? Share to your facebook, tweet it out, add it to your Pinterest, tumblr, or you can email it to your sister to show her what you should go together on for Mother's Day. I am trying to build my followers again, as I lost over 1200 with the loss of Wildwood Studio, so feel free to share my work. Share Share Share!!!!

I have lowered prices on quite a few paintings, even lower than my Christmas Sale as an incentive to take a cruise through and see them all. Some I slashed the price drastically.

And I will be offering prints again soon, hopefully by next week I will have my printer up and going again. They will be standard 20" x 16' or 14" x 11" for easy fit into frames you can pick up at Micheals Art Supplies or Walmart.

Anyway, I am glad you found me! And I hope you continue to come back as I add more and more to this site. And I hope you enjoy my work. And I hope you share.

Thanks folks, so glad to see you all again!

Your friend


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